A Love Spell and Law of Attraction

October 20, 2009

A love spell and law of attraction

Love spells are not to be used lightly and most people don’t believe in them at all. Sadly there are even more who spend tons of money on love spells and never get the desired result. For the most part they want to “possess” the other person, they don’t realize that there is NO magic in the world that will can break through Free Will or choices. If a guy or gal isn’t in love with you, that’s it, nothing will make them love you, not even a spell. The best thing to do is learn to love you, because that is the real trick in attracting true love. It works very much like the law of attraction. . Bottom line, love spells cannot make someone love you, they are rituals set to keep you focused on the “intention” to attract MORE love into your life.

The following is an example of a simple love spell to attract someone closer to you. This sort of spell requires a little attention from you. If you are not used to meditation or yoga it may be difficult at first to still your mind for a moment but you can do it when you sit still and just follow your breath. Do not worry about getting meditation right or wrong. What this whole spell is about is letting go of the worry or fear and SEEING you and the person you are attracted to talking, laughing and getting to know each other. That should be the picture in your mind as you visualize him or manifest a situation for you to be more “together.” This person may not fall in love with you, but at least you will get an opportunity to get to know each other and build a friendship if not a romance. A love spell should never be looked at as something that will make another person do anything, it won’t, but it can open doors of opportunity and keep your shyness at bay.

Spells are all about feelings and energy. We are all energy, your energy will project, and he/she will FEEL it and act on it. A love spell is about YOUR energy, not manipulating his/hers, that never works 🙂

A spell is a ritual that helps you SEND a desire into the universe. It should also be designed to make YOU feel more attractive about YOU. Because when you feel beautiful everyone around you SEES it. Not just your physical beauty but that soul inner beauty. That is the energy we are trying to produce here with a spell.

Here is a simple spell to bring someone you like closer to you or to create a situation that will allow you both to talk more and get to know each other.

This spell will require you to dedicate 5 minutes each evening to visualizing what you want or visualizing the two of you laughing and talking. It may take up to 13 days but not more than 30 days. IT’s really dependent on your own vibration and how you are feeling about yourself. If you are totally in love with yourself on any of these days then everyone else will be totally in love with you too.

You’ll need:
A yellow and red candle: (Yellow=Friendship; Red=Love) If you can find a candle with this colors mixed, then it’s better, but if not no worries. The candles must be thick enough so that it can be lit for FIVE minutes per evening for at least 13 days.

You will also need lavender in any form, it’s up to you. But it’s preferable that you “wear it” either as a flower, a perfume or bath water so that others can smell it on you, but ONLY a HINT of it, not too powerful. Sometimes wearing the color lavender, like lavender underwear will work. The color or involvement of lavender is important because it signifies: Love at first sight or “Enchantment” — so when he sees you he’s even more enchanted. Even if he doesn’t know that it’s lavender underwear you are wearing or a sprig of the flower on your shirt, blouse etc. would work. If you are a man leaving a lavender flower close to her would works to.

According to ancient earth people, like the gypsies, a spell like this should be started during a full moon, or the first day of the full moon.

Sit in a comfortable chair, or favorite spot and light the candle. Gaze into the flame and in the picture frame of the candle flame or “flames” visualize you and he seeing each other and what you are going to say, or what he is going to say. daydream into the candle flame. Do this for 5-10 minutes every evening for the next 13 days.

Also for the next 13 days wear lavender, whether it was in the bath water, or body wash, or perfume, or flowers or underwear, but wear it in some way on your body. This is powerful because the lavender will “attract” more and more situations where you see each other in the hall, or other “brief” moments here and there that are unexpected.

The final outcome after 13 days of doing this is that he will ask you out or you will both end up in a “social” situation and setting.

There are really no magic words to go with this spell except for the one that works the best: I LOVE MYSELF and EVERYONE IN THE WORLD DOES TOO. Somehow this is the most powerful and magical affirmation EVER.

Spells are really not necessary to attract love into your life, when we get up in the morning with gratitude asking “how may I serve”– love has a tendency to just show up.
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The mystical meaning of moles

October 20, 2009

The meanings of moles

The gypsies of the world, whether they be from Romania, Spain, Ireland or America are superstitious people particularly when it came to moles on the body. They believed the appearance and placement of moles represented a personality characteristic of the individual or it was a “sign” of things to come.

If the mole was very large and round, it meant abundance or prosperity. The darker the mole, the more pronounced that characteristic. If the mole was oblong then it signified a moderate share of good fortune. If the mole had a hair, it signified the person has strong intuitive power and could even be a healer or psychic.

According to my grandmother, Antolina Mateos Ramos, and Raymond Buckland, scholar of Gypsy life, moles on different parts of the body have different meanings as follows:

Forehead: To have a mole in the middle of the forehead represents wisdom. This person has clear insights. She is active and industrious. It also means this person will probably have a happy marriage. On the right side of the head, it means she will make a great partner in business or marriage. If the mole is on the left side of the head, then her luck may not be so good.

Eyebrows: If you have a mole on the right side of your eyebrow, it signifies great success, a wonderful marriage, many healthy children, wealth. If it is on the left side signifies cowardice, addiction, few children, and bitterness in life.

Eyes: A mole outside the corner of either eye is a good sign the individual is honest, sober and trustworthy.

Nose: A mole on any part of the nose means the person has a passionate disposition, the larger the mole the more they seek sexual activity 

Cheek: A mole on either cheek indicates the person is strong athletically and has a lot of courage. The larger the mole the “faster” the individual tends to be physically.

Ear: If a mole appears on the ear at all, it’s a sign that the individual will have money. But if the mole appears in the lower half of the ear it means the person should be careful around water because they have the propensity to drown.

Lip: A mole that appears on the lip means the person should watch their weight and diet. They may have some health issues in their life that need constant attending.

Chin: A mole on the chin signifies a person who loves to travel and is brilliant in business. The individual is friendly and charming and probably a good salesperson because she is a natural persuader.

Neck: A mole on the front of the neck signifies good luck at the card table. If the mole is on the back of the neck it means the person could become a “pain in the neck” as she gets older and luck is not so good.

Shoulder: If a person has a mole on their left shoulder, she is usually apt to be quarrelsome and may insist she is right all the time. She may find her life monotonous and dull. If there is a mole on the right shoulder, it means the person is wise and can keep a secret. She has great tact and diplomacy but may withhold affection sometimes from those she loves.

Armpit: If a person has a mole in or around his armpit it means the individual is very good looking and they will always be attractive to the opposite sex.

Arm: a mole on either arm indicates the individual has a courteous disposition together with fortitude, resolution, and fidelity. In men, it indicates they will fight many battles and be successful in them all.

Elbow: a mole on either elbow shows a restless person who has little ambition and a great desire to travel. This person does not seek to acquire too many material possessions and may fail in marriage.

Wrist: A person with a mole here is usually inventive and has great ideas.

Hand: moles on either hand, as long as they are not on the fingers. Indicate the person is industrious and energetic.

Finger: A mole on any finger indicates the person is a thief and not to be trusted.

Back: Many people have moles on their backs: If below the shoulder blades, the person will have a hard life, with many disappointments. If above the shoulder blades, the person will face many challenges but rise to defeat them.

Buttocks: This signifies the person will be shiftless, lazy and poor.

Chest: a mole on the chest signifies the person can be extremely amourous and sensual, but she can also have a bad temper and be disagreeable.

Breasts: A mole on the right breast signifies a person who is given to drinking and drugging and can have bad judgment. A mole on the left breast signifies an industrious and sober disposition, with much success in life and many children.

Nipple: In a woman, it means the child she has will become famous. If it’s on a man it means he’ll be a player and spend way too much time chasing women.

Side: If there is a mole on either side near the ribs it shows a cowardly or timid disposition. The person will have a relatively easy life but not a luxurious one.

Hip: a mole on either hip shows that the person is generally happy. They are affectionate to family and friends and loyal.

Navel: A mole around the navel signifies a woman will have many children and a happy marriage. If it is a man it means he’ll be rich and have a son who will become famous.

Stomach: If there is a mole on the upper half of the stomach, it shows the person will be foppish with little common sense. If it is on the lower belly it means the person will be one who promises a lot but performs less than expected. Nevertheless, the person will be held in high esteem.

Genitals: A generous , honest and open person who is well mannered and gallant. This person will be a lover of love rather than just sex. They will have a happy marriage and although they won’t become rich they will never want for anything. A woman with a mole on the mons will become the mother of a great genius.

Groin: on the right groin denotes riches and honors, but to be accompanied by disease. On the left groin the person will have the sickness without the wealth.

Thigh: On the right thigh, it shows a person with an agreeable temperament who is inclined to be amorous, and very courageous. On the left thigh it shows a person who is good and hardworking and with no great interest in the pleasures of love-making

Knee: On the left knee, it shows a hasty personality someone prone to taking risks and with a tendency towards extravagance, no great leaning towards honesty or modesty. On the right knee it indicates an friendly temper, someone who is honest and successful in love with many great friends.

Leg: Moles on either leg show a person who is thoughtless and given to extravagance. There will be many difficulties throughout life, usually brought about by the person’s own actions. In general the person will have more fortune than misfortune, but will tend to remember and dwell upon the bad more than the good.

Ankle: Effeminacy in men with a certain amount of cowardice, however in women it is a sign of courage.

Foot: A mole on either foot shows a melancholy disposition. Very inactive and a little inclined to do anything not even follow the desires of his own heart. Moles on the feet frequently foretell sickness and unexpected misfortune, with much sorrow.

Heel: A mole on the heel means a person is full of energy but can be spiteful with a mean streak.

Instep: Means the person will be quarrelsome and have few friends. This person will be a great walker.

Toes: Moles on toes mean the person will marry someone who is rich but will be very unhappy.

The Chinese have an even more elaborate system of identifying the significance of moles, for more information check out this great website that shows moles on almost every point on the body and the meanings. http://www.wofs.com/index.php?option=com_content&Itemid=38&task=view&id=81

Source: Raymond Buckland, “Secrets of Gypsy Fortunetelling”

This article is for entertainment purposes only and is in no way researched or presented as information based on science or fact. The descriptions are mainly based on gypsy folklore and superstition.

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